The following testimonial is from a fairly new client named Cheryl L., The reason that this LipSense Testimonial means so much to me is that I have never had a more skeptical prospect than Cheryl. She originally contacted me via this website and I would imagine we have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 emails go back and forth regarding LipSense before she actually ordered the product.

Thanks Again Cheryl and I look forward to serving your cosmetic needs in the future.

Hi Carol,
I have been working with the Summer Sunset LipSense and Pink Champagne LipSene, and I’m getting used to it. Trying not to put too much of the pink in so as to retain some of the intensity. If I decide to do something different, I’ll contact you. Thanks for your patience with all my questions. I do like the look though and am getting used to the differnece between regular lipstick, and the lipsense.

Put a picture attachment I took on the web cam, so it isn’t good, but will give you a vague idea.
Cheryl is loving her LipSense semi permanent Lipstick…HOORAY

I think it looks a little darker in the picture than real life, but still gives you an idea. I know that the lipstick sample I sent didn’t really relate to the LipSense semi-permanent lipstick look.



Thank You Cheryl and I am so glad you are enjoying your Lip Sense. I love the picture.


Okay, you were right about the cleanser, moisturizer and foundation. I feel like I have new skin. Yesterday, I had a complete stranger compliment my look. I was speechless and forgot the name of the company. Remember to put some cards in your purse. I’ll be needing some.

Judy M – St. Louis, MO

Yes I got it two days ago. Perfect recommendation on the praline rose. I like the sand gloss for a change.

Jessie – Colorado Springs, CO

From: nursejenney <>
To: Carol Clifton <>
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2007 9:14:50 PM
Subject: Re: Carol Clifton – We talked about Lipcolor Last Night

Hey, I just ordered some stuff and I’m so excited to get it. I used Wendy’s lip color all weekend and today I went to work and didn’t have it to use and my lip color was gone. I just love it. You have a repeat customer with me. I will pass it on to all my friends and be a frequent visitor of your web site.
Nice to talk to you.
Thanks again,

Just got my stuff yesterday. Your idea about “Clear, Pink Champagne, Coffee
liner, Pink Heart, Pink Champagne” works well, with the Pearl Gloss over the
top. The Pink Champagne is a little too light for me to use alone, but it
sure takes care of toning down the Pink Heart, and I like the Coffee Liner.

If it weren’t snowing out today, I’d sure find some reason to go out and
about as “a happy woman walking out the door in (my) new LIPS!”

Hi Carol,
Thanks so much for sending along the product so quickly. I really
appreciate it….and you must know that we really HIT THE JACKPOT with Rose
Ice. It is the PERFECT color. Please send me one more Rose Ice….and then
I think we’ll really be done for now. No need to rush it this time.

Thank you for all your help and excellent service.

Ann – Monument, CO

Thanks for my package of goodies! I can’t wait to try my all day makeup and the eye colors, I already love the lipstick. Thanks for coming to our conference, spending time with me and the quick follow up with more products in the mail. I appreciate you!

Susan Wight

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