I am a mother of four (one recently “adopted”). I have a fabulously humorous and wonderful husband of 25 years. We are a very close family and choose to spend our time together both working & pleasure. Recently, my husband and I launched an internet marketing business with my son, Ricky and Matt. Working is one of my favourite hobbies and I will hopefully never have to retire.

SeneGence came my way about 5 years ago. I was at the salon one day and had LipSense swiped on my hand by my stylist. You would have to know Shannon, my stylist, to understand that she would never allow anyone to leave the salon without an additional purchase. When she put the color on my hand and told me to rub it, I thought it had to be nail polish. Cosmetics were my business for 15 years and I had never seen anything like LipSense. Of course, I was going to buy it and hopefully call the company and become a REP.

My experience was territory management for several large cosmetic companies in my past and I would be a valuable asset to any cosmetic company. I knew that I could open every account that saw this product. My only concern was that I did not necessarily want to work full-time.

Then…I find out that it is relationship marketing, MLM and certainly a new type of marketing for me. At that point, I decided to take the plunge and order the tester kit.

As it turns out, SeneGence was the right choice for me and I have never looked back.



  1. Carol, I met you Su day at the women’s show late afternoon. I purchased Berry from you and gloss, but you had no Berry left. Upon getting home and looking at my Gloss, I noticed the seal broken, about 1/3 of container gone and pink tint on the applicator. I texted you that night regarding the issue, with pictures, but haven’t heard back from you. I did receive the Berry in the mail today, so Thank you, but I’m hoping to hear from you soon With regards to replacing the gloss. I will not use the tube given to me.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
    Shannon Walton

  2. I would like to know more about the marketing of your products…I tried to call your phone number but could not leave a message as your answering mailbox is full. Please give me a call @715-736-7843. My name is Becky. I will be opening a website in March and am interested in your products.

  3. Hello Carol,
    I left you a message earlier and thought it said you replied but I can’t find a reply even in junk folder so I thought I’d try again. I am interested in the distributor kit for $45 as well as the lips kit for $75. Hoping you can get back to me with any additional info I might need.
    Thanks in advance, Krista Van Houten

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