Why would a Woman choose Lipstick when she could have LipSense?LipSense..The only real Long lasting Lip Color

Lipstick…only stays on your lips a short time.
LipSense lasts 4 to 18 hours!

Lipstick…contains wax and/or resin
LipSense is a botanical based lip stain that when used with our Shea Butter Gloss is actually a skincare item!
Lipstick smudges, smears and feathers.
LipSense is Smudgeproof, Smearproof and Featherproof!

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Lipstick is messy, gets on your teeth and every glass in sight (that is if it is still on your lips)
LipSense will not transfer to anyone or anything. No more Lipstick on you loved ones or on any glass or coffee cup. The best part is when you finish Lunch your

LipSense will be entact right where you put it!


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LipSense comes with Guaranteed Satisfaction!
If for any reason you are not happy just return your LipSense to me for a refund. Not satisfied with your color selection? No problem. LipSense requires three layers. You will only need to own 3 LipSense colors to have 27 different lipstick shade options. That’s a real Value!

Finally a Lipcolor that will keep you looking your Best All Day!

Shea Butter GlossyOrder LipSense Now

LipSense long lasting semi-permanent lipcolor will actually change and enchance the integrity of your lips overtime, last longer, naturally exfoilliate your lips. Shea butter is what they use to heal burn victums. Those healing properties work overtime to ensure


My customers have great things to say about LipSense.

Susan K., Los Angeles, CA – Love my LipSense! I went to the gym this the morning and then on to lunch with friends. I kept asking my friends if my Lipstick was on. It was! You can count on me to be a loyal user of your products.

Liz M., San Antonio, Texas – My husband and I just returned from Aruba. I could hardly believe that my lipstick looked great after snorkeling. Thanks for your speedy service to insure that it arrived before our trip.

Mary C., Long Island, NY – I could not imagine living without my lipSense. My husband thinks it’s great that my coffee cup never has lipstick residue any longer. Your color recommendations were right on target. Thanks!

LipSense is applied to clean dry lips in a layered fashion. Top it off with our Shea Butter Gloss. Remove those tiny mistakes with our oops remover. Those 3 products make up a LipSense Starter Kit.

LipSense Starter Option

Interested in more detailed LipSense application instructions?
Watch the video
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