It’s Simple with Minimal information provided by YOU!

  1. Do you have fair, medium or dark skin?
  2. What color is your Hair?
  3. What color are you eyes?
  4. Do you consider yourself warm or cool?
  5. What color of clothes do you like to wear?
  6. Do you prefer browns, pinks, reds or rose/mauve when you purchase lipsticks? Light or dark?
  7. Are you bold or understated?

Feel free to send a picture of yourself!

Please state below if you are interested in lipSense only or if you would prefer my recommendations across the entire SeneGence line.


  1. Hi there, a friend of mine gave me one of your products as a gift, the blu-red shade and I love it. I’d like to order more, but I’m always very picky about my lip colors.
    I have dark brown hair, medium skin, green eyes, cool ton. I wear lots of dark colros, and I usually lean towards blue reds/ nudes and mauve/browns as far as lip color goes. I avoid pink/purple/berry colors.
    My question is, does your company have samples or are there ways to see the products in person? I’ve looked at some swatches online, but they are on very fair skinned models so I know they would look much different on myself. Thank You!

  2. Hello. I am looking for a few lipsense recommendations and it is so hard to shop online because they all look so different in person. I have medium skin, dark blonde hair, green eyes. I think I’m a cool??? I like to wear purple, blue, and pink clothing. When I purchase lipsticks I usually chose pinks. I don’t think purple looks good on me and I don’t like the medium shades of color nothing super light but nothing really dark brown either. I think I am understated but occasionally like to vamp it up for a special occasion. I have already purchased pink champagne and I’m not a huge fan of the shimmer/frost look. The pink champagne looks just a tad pinker than my lip color. Thanks so much for your help!!

  3. Medium skin tone
    bronde hair
    dark brown eyes
    cool tone
    clothing colors hot pink orange, turquiose , navy red
    I usually wear light skin toned lipsticks, brownish reds, but I am looking for the perfect burgundy red for fairer skin tone, I am on the light side of medium
    I like color but nothing to crazy

  4. I am interested in LipSense only.
    1. fair skin
    2. strawberry blonde/light auburn
    3 hazel
    4. warm
    5. browns, navy blue, rust, greens, some reds – no pink, purple, gray
    6. Prefer browns – I am 66 yrs old – I like dark enough to give me color but not very very dark
    7. Understated

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