BlushSenseBlushSense by SeneGence incorporates the same SenePlex proprietary formulation and advanced color technology as the MakeSense Foundation, Blender, and ShadowSense. The SenePlex in this gorgeous array of blush colors allows for another layer of protection, nourishment, and beauty to your face. Once again, co-creating healthier skin with a glamorous look that glows is the mission of this incredible CosmetiCare system! BlushSense comes in a beautifully functional .25 oz tube.

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Pouty Pink BlushSense
Item #: 3205
Price: $25.00
Bronze Pearl Creme BlushSense
Item #: 3235
Price: $25.00
Toasted Rose BlushSense
Item #: 3220
Price: $25.00
Chocolate Cherry BlushSense
Item #: 3230
Price: $25.00
Cherry BlushSense
Item #: 3250
Price: $25.00
Terra Cotto BlushSense
Item #: 3260
Price: $25.00

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